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Canadian Food Story: Cookbook Author Renée Kohlman

We had so much fun working with chefs and restaurateurs from around the world. It was a dream come true!!! We partnered with restaurants from 20 — seats Yes, one thousand seats! We immediately fell in love with food photography, food writing, the food people, and of course the FOOD and cooking.

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At this point, we were working 7 days a week. Sometimes, we were still on the phone at 1 am with our clients. One day in March , my close family member has been diagnosed with cancer. We took some time off from everything to take care of our families, as well as to reorganize our lives. Though our business was growing, we really love what we do, and income was decent, we knew it was time to let go. This is what life is all about. Our pressure cookers have been a lifesaver for us in many ways.

All these stories make us extremely happy. My hearing loss has continued to worsen, and I may go completely deaf one day. Thrust into the spotlight when Queer Eye premiered in February , self-doubt surfaced.

Just focus on how you feel and how you identify. He takes a personal approach throughout the book, retracing his path from Montreal to New York City and Queer Eye in an intimate introduction, and sharing pivotal food memories in recipe headnotes. Initially criticized by some viewers for his stripped down cooking style, Porowski comes across as an enthusiastic food lover with imagination and sensitivity. Self-taught, he honed his technique by watching chefs and cooking show hosts like Julia Child.

Ease and approachability have become his culinary hallmarks on the show, and while he continues in this vein, he presents a wide range in Antoni in the Kitchen.

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This week's top Food TV picks

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NerdBaker: Extraordinary Recipes, Stories & Baking Adventures from a True Oven Geek

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Recipes Archive - Our Food Stories

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