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  1. Sabine River Rats Marshall All Seasons Marshall, TX ()
  2. When The Cat's Away
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The resilient residents of the tiny tourist town are once again banding together to help each other recover from the wrath of the Russian River after another major flood. The river crested at Guerneville has interesting, vibrant gay and hippie communities mixed with techies and working class folks, and is no stranger to floods. The record-breaking flood of topped out at Von Renner is determined to rebuild. Essick, who was spotted giving out free pizza to residents on Mill Street before he headed to a news conference, said the evacuation order was lifted and residents with ID were being allowed back in Friday afternoon.

He noted that there were no deaths or serious injuries. Flood water came up a foot over the stage and damaged musical equipment and memorabilia.

Sabine River Rats Marshall All Seasons Marshall, TX ()

Knight skidded through slippery mud on Friday as he began to clean up the mess inside. Meanwhile, traffic once again flowed on Main Street after the town was sealed off for three days while all roads in were closed and impassable. A few people were seen hosing down sidewalks and clearing debris Friday, though it appeared from a walk down Main Street like it was business as usual.

Many bars and restaurants were open, the mood was upbeat, and conversations overheard were not focused on the flooding. Nutrias can be distinguished from beavers by their smaller size; sparsely-haired, rat-like tails; and their paler muzzles with white whiskers. Beavers can weigh up to 60 lbs. The large rodents are a very destructive invasive species original imported from South America in the beginning of the s for fur farming.

When the U. In other states where nutria have invaded, such as Louisiana, the animals are hunted. The meat is described as tasting similar to rabbit or squirrel and the pelts are described as mink-like. Some states even offer bounties, though California does not currently allow for hunting. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife requests that anyone who sees a nutria or potential nutria burrows report the sightings by email to Invasives wildlife.

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  • US Army, Technical Manual, TM 5-3431-200-15, WELDING SET, ARC, INERT GAS; SHIELDED, PLAS METAL LINED GUN FOR 3/64-INCH WIRE, DC, 115 V (WESTINGHOUSE MOD SA-135) (FSN 3431-879-9709).
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WLJ's Kerry Halladay rounds up the day's best cattle, livestock and market updates. Sent each day M-F.

When The Cat's Away

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Welcome to River Rat Motorsports

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