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  3. I sell the concept of love. But don’t believe in it. Until her.
  4. Reward Yourself

I'm not a selfish person. I mean, I'm thrilled that my friends are doing so well with their new jobs and their love lives. I just thought I'd be joining them, at least in the job department, now that I'm working for the DA. Unfortunately, nothing seems to be going like I planned. Twenty-six year-old Dena Monroe is happy that her friends, Carrie and Krissy, have found love, but she's starting to wonder if that'll ever happen for her.

Being a strong, willful woman, she has yet to find a man who can give her what she really needs. Between work and romance, can Dena find what she's looking for? Jacob: We've seen and done horrific things. One rule keeps us from destroying each other: Share everything. So when little miss curves and confidence swings her hips into our lives The rule can't change. That includes Marina.

Even if we help her--the only kind of help two hitmen can offer--we can't let her live. No risks. No mistakes. We want to taste and touch and suffocate on this woman. But our desires don't matter. This ends with her in a cold grave.

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After a day where everything went from bad to worse, I just wanted to relax with Asher. I needed time to think, time to recover, some alone time with my husband. I know Asher loves me, and I love him; we would give each other anything. Unfortunately, neither of us can give each other more time and we're running out of what little we have left. What comes after worse?

Curvy milf Vanessa Bella takes young dick like a champ

I'm about to find out. The Neighbor and the Rooftop by Simone West What happens when two broken hearted neighbors have a midnight encounter on the rooftop? Nash Bell is sexy, arrogant, and totally filthy. His war memoir is selling like crazy, making him one of the most famous people in the country. But he hates the limelight and needs me to fix his bad boy reputation to help get him back into active duty.

All I have to do is pretend to be his wife, and then I can afford my father's medical bills. I know I'm just a tool to him, but I can't help but let him use me. I don't want to lie to America. But the cameras are on all the time and I need to play my role.

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It's strictly business between us. Except for when he whispers how badly he wants my body. This should be easy. Then Nash can leave, and I can help my family. This should be simple. So why do I want him to stay? He's lied to her, he's set her up, he's abandoned her when the chips are down. But worst of all, he's stolen her heart. It should just be a simple matter of trying to work out whether she can ever trust a man like Denny.

But soon matters of the heart become matters of life and death, as the gunmen close in and Cassie has some tough choices to make. She never planned to let him Murder and intrigue in the Scottish Highlands: a werewolf romance like no other. By turns passionate romance and gripping paranormal thriller, Last Alpha asks can Beauty ever really hope to tame the Beast?

Books library - Aesthetics

When powerful, arrogant Robert, Lord Rollinson sees a dark-haired beauty in a tavern, he decides he will take her. One chance meeting puts them both at risk, and when Lord Rollinson is challenged to a duel, his choice changes their lives. Mercy is afraid of the brooding man but who better to protect her from a killer - than another killer? However, Lord Rollinson demands utter submission and Mercy walks a fine line between trust, and self-preservation. In , it was perfectly acceptable - even expected - for a man to discipline his wife.

She was simply his possession. Unfinished Business by Polly J Adams Christina last saw Taylor three years ago, but there's no harm staying in touch online, is there? No harm indulging in a little chat and flirting. No harm to meet for an innocent coffee But when Taylor does that thing of his, making her go weak at the knees and wet most other places, should Christina back out, or should she go with it and give him just one night to remember?

Crash: A Bad Boy Stepbrother Romance by Sophie Sawyer Katherine's mother is about to remarry less than a year since her beloved father was laid to rest, and Katherine is understandably upset. But she agrees to meet the man that's captured her mother's heart, along with his son, Luke. Luke believes Katherine is just a spoiled, uptight little princess, and he has no problem telling her so. She can't believe how arrogant he is, and she can't wait to get away from him. But the two quickly began to warm up to one another once they realize neither of them was the enemy.

Then a car crash changes everything. Katherine awakens after several months in a coma to discover Luke been by her side every moment since the crash. Is it all some warped sense of duty to his soon-to-be relative, or is it something else? As time passes, Luke realizes he must possess the vivacious beauty at all costs. Forget what their parents will think.

I sell the concept of love. But don’t believe in it. Until her.

Forget what society will think. There's still two weeks until the wedding. He has two weeks to make her fall in love.

Two weeks to make her his own. He needs a sub. Surely they can come to some sort of agreement.

Reward Yourself

Jasmine is jobless and down to her last dollar, living in squalor with only a mean cat to keep her sane. On the day of an important job interview she's spotted by Ethan Cole, the smart and handsome billionaire bachelor who tears through assistants as if they're cheap tissues. He wants her. To be his assistant. To be his submissive. For six months all Jasmine has to do is be at his beck and call. In the office, in the boardroom In return, she'll become a millionaire. They say that every person has a price. Ethan is willing to pay hers.

Now she will enter his world of money, bad jokes, broken hearts, dangerous business partners, and sweet white collar power. The moment she signs that billion dollar contract, she belongs to Ethan Cole.