Guide God as He Wants You to Know Him

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  1. How can I seek God’s help?
  2. God as He Wants You to Know Him | Resourcing The Church
  3. How to know he is the one? – 10 Godly Signs He is Right For You
  4. Seven Lies Satan Wants You to Believe

In a thriving relationship, your fears and doubts will vanish the more time you spend together.

How can I seek God’s help?

You will start to trust him, not just in the relationship but with your life, goals, and future. The man you commit to should be a good leader that you enjoy following. Too often we think respecting someone only refers to the way we speak to them. However, in relationships respect is part of the foundation you build on and can make or break it.

Does he respect your time and gives you his uninterrupted attention when you are together or is he preoccupied with work and other things? If your first reflex is to protect him by giving a poor excuse as to why he answers his text messages while he is with you, then this is a good indication that something is wrong.

Yes, we are all busy nowadays, but spending quality time with each other is important and a choice you have to make. So ask yourself is he choosing to be present? Another way to see if he respects you is in conversations. Is he repeatedly cutting you off when you are discussing something? Or does he value your opinion and appreciate your point of view? Remember, that being in a relationship means the two of you are merging two completely different families, backgrounds, and experiences.

That means you will run into situations where one of you is wrongly perceived. And only if the two of you can stick up for each other, your relationship can survive.

God’s thoughts toward us – what the Bible says

Being loyal is a form of respect that shows you that he has your back even if it means he has to oppose people he cherishes. It can be hard to determine if he is the one God has for you, but this list should help you. Do you agree this is How to know he is the one? Or would you add more signs that he is the one to the list?

God as He Wants You to Know Him | Resourcing The Church

Very encouraging blog!! I am also a single Christian and I am a bit older than you. The Bible calls us to not be unequally yoked with unbelievers in 2 Corinthians Someone that is not Christian is an unbeliever. Christianity is not the only religion in the world. Hi Ashley, thanks for your input. A non-believer to Christians is someone that does not believe in Jesus Christ.

Thank you for this, I recently met someone so unexpectedly and everything that your listing mentions is everything I have found in him. So thank you for your Beautiful words you truly made me believe a little more! God bless. I am experiencing the exact thing. This list is reassurance of the peace we feel along with how effortless our encounter has been since we met. Whatever the answer is we both are content either way, because the spiritual connection was worth it.

How to know he is the one? – 10 Godly Signs He is Right For You

We both have gone through the same life situations and have kids. I have started to pray and intercede because I want God to give me clarity. Right on on all points. I married the wrong one. Can never finish a sentence. And he pushes me down physically. Among other things. He never protects me either. Just feeds me to the wolves every single time. Please consider seeing a marriage counselor. Blessings, Justine. Exactly am humbled and I wil take time to observe his ways though we are at a distance but still God wil answer be blessed dear.

Pray for me, I believe God has brought Boaz into my life, but my growing up without a dad and his having an abusive first wife has strained ourcommunication,though at the core, we love God and desire to put Christ first and center, even if it means no marriage. I see how immature I was and how God might be blessing me now by keeping me from marriage for years, yet I still have fear to marry. I realize now God might be placing a calling of marriage on my life and the nature of it is to stretch and grow us both. Anyway, keep us in prayer as we are older and lots of people are getting married older.

Thanksfor a thought provoking message. Hey Ab, I will absolutely keep you in my prayers. You mentioned him having a first wife. If this first wife is still living, he has no business looking for another relationship see Mark You either pull him or he pulls you.. I agree with all of these, especially the action speak louder then words and pursuing you.

Also that he puts an effort to make time to see you. This list makes it easier to see when a man is not right for you. This has happened a few times. But we all know how we can give excuses for the person we are interested in and that words of warning can just fly overhead. I might be wrong and this guy may turn out to be right for her, but going by what the list say I highly doubt that. You are doing well by protecting her from a distance and entrusting it to the lord.

Use prayer as your weapon and intercede for her. You might be able to change her heart or even his heart.

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I am so glad that I found this. There is a guy at work who likes me, but I keep questioning if he is the one, but after reading this, I see he is not. He says IDK.

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No, we are just friends. Yes, I think that is an easy sign that he is not aligned with God yet. I am so toched by this and I have listed some of the points in my book I will be going through at any given time I just thank God for the author of this and the additionals for the powerful words and I pray that may God open my eyes I see is goodness and I may know my partner better. I just came in contact with your blog and what an eye opener for me!

Thanks so much. God bless you more. I pray you find peace and grow from this experience. I meet a guy from church not during church service, but it was a famiky and friends day at my church for memorial weekend. You have known each other for a very short time. You can not determine whether someone is for you from a few texts. Enjoy getting to know each other while guarding your heart.

Keep up the good work! Hi, great piece. Stumbled on this while looking for answers and now I am completely sure he is not for me. Thanks Justine, God continue to increase you. I have been with my man for 5 years now. He ticks off everything in this list and more.

God has you where He wants you

Intact I prayed for a my perfect man and God literally answered my prayer the very next day. I love him to death and would do anything for him. The issue I have which has haunted me for years is I am not attracted to him.

And I desire sex and affections from other men. All I can assume is that God will only give me the attraction once I commit to him in blind faith and marry him. Thanks would love some advice. Great blog post! A couple weeks ago I expressed interest in and started dating one of my best friends. He fits every single one of these traits. Is it possible my feelings could change and I could learn to develop romantic feelings for him?

Hey Nicole, thanks for sharing this. I commend you for honestly admitting that you made a decision out of loneliness. Hopefully, you will be able to stay friends after. I am wanting some Godly advice as to what I should do with my friend. I have known my best friend for well over 17 years plus but in that time frame we lost touch for whatever reason we both have married and have kids and recently reconnected earlier this year and since then we have created an emotional bond and there has been a physical and sexual attraction.

God has promised to lead His children by His Spirit and enable them to know His voice.

Seven Lies Satan Wants You to Believe

That means you can learn to know exactly what the Spirit of God is saying to you about every situation. Have you ever tried to watch television or listen to the radio without turning it on? Of course not! When you do turn them on, you fully expect to hear something!