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  1. Erin Alarcon: When the dreams you dare to dream really do come true – American Midwest Ballet
  2. Dreams really do come true.
  3. Do Dreams Come True?
  4. Business dreams really do come true

Is it normal to have so many of these types of dreams?

Erin Alarcon: When the dreams you dare to dream really do come true – American Midwest Ballet

My sister came to me in a dream say that her husban was becomeing abusive with her i ask her what she want me to do she said nothing for now she drives away. And rolls over in her jeep and dies The next day my my parents and girlfriend and myself drive to a town in baja mexico for my girlfriends birthday I ask my mom if she had spoken to my sister she said no and then ask me why i told her about the dream this happen at 11am we spend the whole day in baja on the way all are cell phones had die as we pull up to the house see people hang out around the house as we get to the front door my brother is standing there and tells us that my sister was in a accident and was kill this happen at 11am the same time i had ask my mom if she had talk to her.

Its been 13 years that she past away and there hasnt been a day where i blame myself for this event i ask myself what i could have done to prevent this from happening. I had a dream and 3 weeks later it came true i only remember having it because of a door slam in the dream.

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  6. Erin Alarcon: When the dreams you dare to dream really do come true.
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I seem to have dreams that in some ways predict things that will eventually happen in the future and just had one two months ago that came true and possibly one just recently that could also be a precognitive dream as well, but I am not sure and need clarification as to wether or not it was another premonition.

Long story short, me and my lady friend of seven months had a bad falling out two months ago to a point to where she was very cold towards me and wanted nothing to do with me. Two other dreams of us reconnecting also followed as well. Then after a month of her blowing me off, we started talking again finally settled our differences. It turned out that the dream I had may have been a precognitive and premonition dream.

Faster forward to a month later. Me and my lady friend become at odds with each other again a week before Christmas due to her being stressed out from her job and Christmas shopping. She began taking her problems out on me with having a nasty attitude and not caring how I felt about It and we fell out over it. Then on Christmas eve I thought it would be a good idea if I dropped off her Christmas gift at her sisters, she was there at her sisters house unexpectedly.

So I have her Christmas gift to her directly then went about my business. Two hours later she messaged me telling me how rude and uncomfortable it was by me doing that and to never talk to her again. I was upset over that for two weeks I beg and pleaded with her through text message over the situation and she still would not budge. It then became more intense to where we both shared harsh words and said hateful things towards each other.

She then threaten me with the cops and a restraining order and then I left her alone.

Dreams really do come true.

Several days after our last conversation, I had a dream of me and her both hanging out as friends a again and she had finally met some of my family. Also in the dream, me and her both had to climb a ladder to get to the upstairs of a house of one of my family members. We made to the upstairs and then became intimate with each other.

It was a random dream and I am trying figure out if it was another precognitive dream or another premonition dream like I had before.

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  • I need some help and input??? This is a weird dream but I will tell you anyways. So I am trying to look for where the candy is that my mother placed in the candy calendar for December like the bag and I checked a few places but no luck. I went to sleep and I dreamt of going into my living room and opening a cabinet door that had candy that I was unaware of it was for the stockings for Christmas.

    Point being the dream showed me where candy was not the one I was exactly looking for but maybe it was in there? I've had a similar experience. I was working in a hotel room cleaning up large pieces of drywall when the owner of the hotel pulled me out to help him with a leak that was pouring out upstairs.

    That very situation happened.

    Do Dreams Come True?

    I was working in the same room, the same person asked for my help, and the same leak had sprung. While I was following him I felt like I had seen a ghost, I was speechless and shocked. I don't usually remember my dreams but just the sheer amount of familiarity with the situation made it all rush back. I'm not sure If I had the dream three days ago or just the previous night. I just started researching this type of thing. You see I'm no one special. I've been in my share of trouble in my 34 years on this earth, mostly because of my past drug use.

    Thank the Lord, I found him, myself, and recovery all about the same time. I've lost ppl I love and even discovered the body of my ex-boyfriend, my daughters' father when i was only 18yrs old. He hung himself from our upstairs. Other than that and my severe drug addiction I really have no major events in my life to recall.

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    • I've always been a dreamer, meaning I have very vivid dreams, sometimes that make little sense at all. And tho I don't everytime, I usually can recall the majority of them. Something happened recently and I'm starting to wonder if my dreams are leaving me breadcrumbs to truths about my life that I should know. It started almost a month ago. I had a weird dream that I had rat traps set all over this place in a building I didn't recognize.

      In one of the traps I had caught a fat, almost cartoon looking, brown rat. I was trying desperatly to free the rat but he kept trying to bite me so I was afraid. He just stared into my eyes. When I woke up and looked up my dream in the dream dictonary on my mobile it told me I should watch out for someone very close to me was deceiving me. I dont really put alot of stock in that sorta thing, nor is a dream dictionary highly reputable advice.

      Then 2 weeks ago I had a dream that my fiance, also a recovering addict, had relapsed and i found him at one of our old dealers house using again.

      Business dreams really do come true

      This dream happened during a mid day nap and when I woke up it was like 3pm. My fiance should have still been at work but because I was so upset about the dream, I drove past our old dealers house and low and behold there my fiance's truck sit.

      What Is It Called When You Dream About the Future?

      I let him know I busted him and how I come to look for him there because of a dream. Well we are trying to work thru all this, relapse, the lies, and him sneaking around behind my back, this is not the 1st or 20th time hes lied to me. Then last night, night before Thanksgiving, I had another dream. In this dream I caught him cheating on me with his ex and something in the dream kept saying to me this has been goin on the whole time right under my nose. In reality he had been with her when I went to jail one time but he made that known. When I got out of jail he wanted me back.

      So I have made passes by her work to make sure her cars there and by her house to make sure he not! But in my dream i saw that he had been having her leave her vehicle at work and he picked her up and drove to her house where he hid his truck in her garage. Now I'm really starting to wonder. Did I just have a few dreams that were lucky hunches or what I feel , is I need to investigate more.

      I get if he's cheating I can't do this, but why now that I'm sober am i having these premonition like dreams. I prayed and asked God for guidance but now that I feel he's given it to me, I'm not sure I can take it! I wake up from these dreams and cant catch my breath. I'm so shaken and upset its almost impossible to go back to sleep.

      I'm not sure I wanna see the future, unless I can do something about it and even then, am I willing to do what it takes to change it? I had similar experience.

      Strange Facts About Dreams

      This happens probably around once a year. For example my last dream prediction was a moment when I was sitting in an unfamiliar cafeteria feeling depressed. I could see and describe everything around me.